Earlier today I received an e-mail from my partner’s father who lives with a Havanese named Murphy.

This is what he wrote:

I’ve had a very small victory on the training front.   Murphy has had a rather persistent ear infection, or possibly other difficulty, that led him to an excess of head shaking.  I was given some antibiotics and ear cleaner that both had to be dropped into his ear canal.  This was very difficult at first.   I was winding up with considerable quantities of these things on my shirts and on the nearby wall.  But I gradually got Murphy to accept the drops, with his head turned at a good angle, by rewarding him for the right stuff.   Now he will jump up on my lap to get on with these things twice a day quite willingly, and hold still for three drops to be put in his ear.   Life is much better this way.


What a fantastic thing happened here! I am thrilled to pieces:)

In my mind this was a huge turnaround of attitude and not just a “small victory”.



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